Join police sergeant-turned-comedian Alfie Moore ahead of recording, the eagerly anticipated, Series 7 of his hit BBC Radio 4 comedy ‘It’s a Fair Cop’.

In this live version of his show, Alfie temporarily ‘swears in’ the audience as police officers before taking you through a real-life crime scenario from his own casebook. He playfully challenges the ‘audience cops’ to say what you would’ve done in his shoes – with often unexpected and entertaining results! As an expert in both policing and stand-up comedy Alfie guides you through the legal and ethical traps whilst consistently finding the funny at every twist and turn of the case.   

Policing decisions are easy in hindsight aren’t they? Now you can experience the thrills, spills and laughter of making those high-risk judgement calls in the moment.  ‘It’s a Fair Cop – Live!’ is challenging, thought-provoking and always fun. Join in as much as you wish or just sit back and enjoy the action if you prefer. Either way it’d be a crime to miss it. 

‘Fascinating, funny and weirdly life-affirming’
The Guardian

‘Lots of well-crafted jokes and a large dash of police gallows humour’

‘If Ted Hastings had a Yorkshire accent’
Jed Mecurio Fan

VENUE: RSE Theatre (Venue 431)
DATES: 5th – 26th August
TIME: 15.30
TICKET PRICES: £15 and £12 conc. (2 for 1 – 8th and 9th August)

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