Cat is a one-woman twisted comedy show by Connie Harris.

Experience a razor-sharp, subversive exploration of life at its darkest; ranging from the benefits of tapeworms, to what to do with an unwanted grandparent.

Come to hear your deepest, most unspeakable thoughts expressed. But be prepared to have the constant question: ‘Should I be laughing?’ in the back of your mind.

Connie is a young writer, musician and performer who comes from a village in Norfolk. There’s a lot more going on in that little village than first meets the eye. You’ll be shocked how much of the play is true! This is her first time at the Edinburgh Fringe.

VENUE: RSE Theatre (Venue 431) Welcome East
DATES: 15th – 21st August
TIME: 14.00
TICKET PRICES: £10 and £8 conc. £8 family