A one-woman comedy about what it’s really like living with OCD (for Sarah anyway)

Written and directed by Aisling Smith

Sarah was diagnosed with OCD a decade ago. She’s been managing it pretty well, but it’s hard living in a world that tells you to follow your gut when your gut wants you to touch the door handle 64 times. She wants to tell you her story and let you know that there’s much more to it than the stereotypes we see on TV, like obsessive hand- washing (though in Sarah’s case that’s definitely part of it). 

Performed by Laura Whelan and written and directed by Aisling Smith, OCD Me is a semi-autobiographical piece about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Aisling and Laura are both Irish artists working in theatre and film. Laura trained at Bow Street Academy for Screen Acting in Dublin and Aisling holds an MA from RADA and a PhD from NUI Galway. This is their Edinburgh Fringe debut!

VENUE: Hill Street Theatre (Venue 41)
DATES: 5th – 15th and 17th – 28th August
TIME: 15.10
TICKET PRICES: £13 and £10.50