Cat is a one-woman twisted comedy show by Connie Harris.

Experience a razor-sharp, subversive exploration of life at its darkest; ranging from the benefits of tapeworms, to what to do with an unwanted grandparent.

Come to hear your deepest, most unspeakable thoughts expressed. But be prepared to have the constant question: ‘Should I be laughing?’ in the back of your mind.

Connie is a young writer, musician and performer who comes from a village in Norfolk. There’s a lot more going on in that little village than first meets the eye. You’ll be shocked how much of the play is true! This is her first time at the Edinburgh Fringe.

VENUE: RSE Theatre (Venue 431) Welcome East
DATES: 15th – 21st August
TIME: 14.00
TICKET PRICES: £10 and £8 conc. £8 family


Tales of slip ups, screw ups and other ups. Vik Footring recounts the defining moments in growing up in a world where growing up happens later and later. This stand-up show will make you laugh along with the breakdown of a cynical teenager and the rise of a humbled adult!

VENUE: RSE Theatre (Venue 431) Welcome East Stage
DATES: 5th – 11th August
TIME: 17.05
SHOW DURATION: 50 minutes
TICKET PRICES: £10 and £8 conc


Come and see one of the hottest tickets from Fringe 2019 as you enjoy a riotous night in the company of some of the rudest and funniest puppets ever. With puppets and actors sharing the stage it is a riot as Princeton a bright eyed college graduate tries to find an apartment that he can afford.

He meets lots of characters including Trekkie monster, Kate monster, Nicky and Rod the good and bad idea bears and quite a few more. You will soon be lost in the world that they create and live in. The cast have their hands full (quite literally) with the puppets as they make them come to life, in fact getting them to come out of character every night is damn near impossible!!! But sit back, grab a drink and have a good old laugh as you join the family of Avenue Q.

VENUE: Hill Street Theatre (Venue 41) Alba Stage
DATES: 5th – 28th August
TIME: 20:10
TICKET PRICES: £15 and £12


This is the story of Derek Douglas (Jim) as he was growing up in Central Scotland through the 1970’s. It’s a look back at when life was a lot simpler.

You left the house at 8.00am and came back when it got dark, no questions asked, no wondering where you got fed, just that you were out with your pals. A time when the most difficult question was “Am I getting a slow dance at the Friday Disco”? When everybody and nobody looked after you. A kick in the bum and a slap across the head was how we were disciplined. A time when the new year party lasted 3 days and you couldn’t see across the room for cigarette smoke and somehow you got 60 people into a 2 bedroom house. This was written as a labour of love about a family now sadly mostly all gone. It’s about the seemingly highest high and lowest low that a 70’s teenager went through.

We hope you enjoy it and laugh and cry along with the cast as we take you on Derek’s journey.

VENUE: Hill Street Theatre (Venue 41)
DATES: 5th – 28th August
TIME: 13.30
TICKET PRICES: £15 and £12


Join police sergeant-turned-comedian Alfie Moore ahead of recording, the eagerly anticipated, Series 7 of his hit BBC Radio 4 comedy ‘It’s a Fair Cop’.

In this live version of his show, Alfie temporarily ‘swears in’ the audience as police officers before taking you through a real-life crime scenario from his own casebook. He playfully challenges the ‘audience cops’ to say what you would’ve done in his shoes – with often unexpected and entertaining results! As an expert in both policing and stand-up comedy Alfie guides you through the legal and ethical traps whilst consistently finding the funny at every twist and turn of the case.   

Policing decisions are easy in hindsight aren’t they? Now you can experience the thrills, spills and laughter of making those high-risk judgement calls in the moment.  ‘It’s a Fair Cop – Live!’ is challenging, thought-provoking and always fun. Join in as much as you wish or just sit back and enjoy the action if you prefer. Either way it’d be a crime to miss it. 

‘Fascinating, funny and weirdly life-affirming’
The Guardian

‘Lots of well-crafted jokes and a large dash of police gallows humour’

‘If Ted Hastings had a Yorkshire accent’
Jed Mecurio Fan

VENUE: RSE Theatre (Venue 431)
DATES: 5th – 26th August
TIME: 15.30
TICKET PRICES: £15 and £12 conc. (2 for 1 – 8th and 9th August)

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Emmy-nominated comedian Mike Glazer has performed for HBO, Comedy Central, Food Network, SXSW, BuzzFeed, and headlines clubs and festivals across America. He’s smoked weed with Snoop Dogg, cooked with Gordon Ramsay, written for Robert DeNiro and Rolling Stone called his live show a ‘best bet’. Julian Stern’s work has been seen at UCB, Nerdmelt, McSweeney’s, Maxim, Playstation and Cosmopolitan. His one-man show As Per Usual, Blows You Away toured New York, DC and LA, where it was performed for a sold-out crowd at the Comedy Central Stage. He has incidentally also smoked with Snoop Dogg.

VENUE: RSE Theatre (Venue 431) Welcome West
DATES: 5th – 28th August
TIME: 21.00

100 SONGS in an hour

David Hoare, winner of the Audience Favourite Award at the Musical Comedy Awards 2021, is attempting to perform 100 songs in an hour. Can he do it? What is the maths on that? Come and find out.

David is a Bristol based musical comedian who combines wit and flare with precise delivery. He’ll have you in stitches with his hilarious songs and boyish charms. This is David’s debut hour show at the fringe, but he has been performing in comedy clubs across the country for several years.

This new show will have songs on a range of topics such as self improvement, trying to keep his relationships together and being neurodivergent.

“An annoyingly funny young man”
Gary Delaney

“High-energy, beautifully timed comedy expertise that has the crowd roaring throughout.”
Bath Echo

VENUE: Hill Street Theatre (Venue 41) Dunedin stage
DATES: 5th to 15th August and 17th to 28th August
TIME: 13.40
TICKET PRICES: £10 and £8 conc. 2 for 1 8th and 9th August)