Even at the tender age of 21 Bonnie Thorn has generated great excitement and interest from music fans impressed by her soulful interpretations of the classic jazz repertoire and contemporary nu-soul songs, along with her own impressive original compositions. 

Little Jazz Bird showcases Bonnie’s vocal talents with selections covering the past 100 years of popular song from the Gershwins to Amy Winehouse and beyond. 

Her voice has echoes of the great 20th century songstresses and garnered comparisons with Judy Garland, Peggy Lee and Doris Day, and with her strong swing, faultless phrasing and deep musicality one hears the influence of her idol Blossom Dearie.

With Australian music theatre luminaries John and Fiona Thorn (Pastel Vespa) as parents, Bonnie has grown up immersed in the international cabaret scene, and is delighted to make her Edinburgh Fringe debut at the Royal Society of Edinburgh theatre.

She is accompanied on piano by her father John Thorn, well known as musical director to cabaret stars such as Meow Meow, Barb Jungr and Caroline Nin. 

Bonnie Thorn has an exciting new voice you will remember forever. Her Edinburgh debut is a show not to be missed.

VENUE: RSE Theatre (Venue 431)
DATES: 5th to 27th August
TIME: 12.15
TICKET PRICES: £10 and £8

The Rain Men

Wullie and Harry are two elderly comedians who were once a popular Scottish music hall comedy act known as The Rain Men. After 30 years together, they parted ways on unfriendly terms and have not spoken to each other since.

Now 20 years later their agent is trying to get them to revive the double act for a TV special at The Britannia Panopticon Theatre in Glasgow but the old animosity is still there.

Come along to see how the old timers revive their old school variety act. 

VENUE: RSE Theatre (Venue 431) Welcome East
DATES: 19th to 28th August
TIME: 18.30

SHOW DURATION: 1 hour 20 minutes
TICKET PRICES: £15 and £12 conc.

The Gay Train

Fifty thousand genders, vegan sausage rolls, a transgender attacked in a toilet… Aren’t people tired of all this whinging?”

A dark comedy. When Lin becomes the victim of a transphobic hate crime, a viral video propels “them” to fame – for all the wrong reasons. Will the gay agenda finally succeed, or is it all just woke, lefty bollocks?  Following their pandemic-themed webseries We Live Inside, Yellow Mug Theatre returns to the fringe with The Gay Train – a new play from queer writers Ray Stafford and Andrew Lake. Corporate rainbow flags and empty gestures clash with the violent reality of real bigotry in a furious, offensive ode to weekday morning TV.

Previous praise for Yellow Mug: “Every once in a while… something completely different comes along. Something which stands out and alone, unafraid to be counted. It’s compelling, interesting, and most importantly, original.” – Reviewer Number 9, for We Live Inside.

VENUE: Hill Street Theatre (Venue 41) Alba Stage
DATES: 5th to 28th August
TIME: 20:10
TICKET PRICES: £15 and £12


This new production follows the Fraser family as they delve into the passionate world of the 2014 independence referendum and bring it up to date. The tensions that developed and sometimes exploded in many homes are visited here as we see the debate from both sides.

Has anyone changed their minds? Are there new and different reasons for changing how you would vote? And what will the outcome be after the next referendum vote? 2 years in writing hopefully this play will expose the reasons why people make choices and decisions, from the very complicated ones to the straightforward ones. Come along and listen to this family debate and you may even get a chance to vote on the night?

VENUE: Hill Street Theatre (Venue 41)
DATES: 5th to 28th August
TIME: 18.30
TICKET PRICES: £15 and £12


Cat is a one-woman twisted comedy show by Connie Harris.

Experience a razor-sharp, subversive exploration of life at its darkest; ranging from the benefits of tapeworms, to what to do with an unwanted grandparent.

Come to hear your deepest, most unspeakable thoughts expressed. But be prepared to have the constant question: ‘Should I be laughing?’ in the back of your mind.

Connie is a young writer, musician and performer who comes from a village in Norfolk. There’s a lot more going on in that little village than first meets the eye. You’ll be shocked how much of the play is true! This is her first time at the Edinburgh Fringe.

VENUE: RSE Theatre (Venue 431) Welcome East
DATES: 15th – 21st August
TIME: 14.00
TICKET PRICES: £10 and £8 conc. £8 family