Hey That’s My Wife! is a comedic spin on the classic works of Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller that follows two advertising executives, Charlie Moore and Roger Sloan, as they navigate a tale as old as time, who’s sleeping with whose wife? Jam-packed with enough cigarettes and scotch to kill 10 horses, this satire of 1950s Americana will have you laughing ‘til you cry. Featuring New York City’s brightest young comics, Joey DeFilippis (The Comedy Shop), Matthew Ferrara (Spiderman: Homecoming), Espi Rivadeneira (BBC Reel), Caroline Hanes (Reductress) and Ryan O’Toole (Jerry Springer).

VENUE: Hill Street Theatre (Venue 41) Dunedin Stage
DATES: 5th to 28th August
TIME: 17.50
TICKET PRICES: £15 and £8 conc. (2 for 1 – 8th and 9th August)


Mentioned by Broadway World as one of their top 10 musicals to see in the Festival this year, Haggis brings the world of Rabbie Burns to life through song, poetry and storytelling. We watch his life unfold from humble beginnings to his numerous and sometimes tragic relationships. 

This unaccompanied musical not only gives you Burns favourites pieces but also introduces you to some of his lesser known works. This performance is not just for the newcomer to Burns but also for the connoisseur as it sheds light on his family and social life. When you add in the free Haggis, Neeps and tatties as well as a free drink, you’re well on your way to starting your Festival day in a fantastic way.

VENUE: RSE Theatre (Venue 431)
DATES: 5th to 28th August
TIME: 12.00 (midday)
TICKET PRICES: £15 and £12


Written by Liam Rudden, this immersive courtroom drama lets you take part in the production as you can be a Jury member and decide the outcome of the trial or as an observer that can ask questions about the evidence laid out before you. With a pie and a pint included it’s a great way to spend an hour as you deliberate over the case. Listen carefully and weigh up the information you receive or maybe the information you don’t receive. You must ferret out the answer as the jury cross examine each witness and put their questions to them. This is the 2nd case in the Court series that Liam has written and a must see in this years festival. A Tory MP accused of sleeping with a rent boy, journalists possibly fabricating stories, people selling stories for money – this case has it all.

VENUE: Hill Street Theatre (Venue 41) Dunedin Stage
DATES: 5th – 28th August
TIME: 12.10
TICKET PRICES: £15 and £12 (pie and drink included)


Cat is a one-woman twisted comedy show by Connie Harris.

Experience a razor-sharp, subversive exploration of life at its darkest; ranging from the benefits of tapeworms, to what to do with an unwanted grandparent.

Come to hear your deepest, most unspeakable thoughts expressed. But be prepared to have the constant question: ‘Should I be laughing?’ in the back of your mind.

Connie is a young writer, musician and performer who comes from a village in Norfolk. There’s a lot more going on in that little village than first meets the eye. You’ll be shocked how much of the play is true! This is her first time at the Edinburgh Fringe.

VENUE: RSE Theatre (Venue 431) Welcome East
DATES: 15th – 21st August
TIME: 14.00
TICKET PRICES: £10 and £8 conc. £8 family


A brilliantly moving and thought provoking show that takes you into the world of teenage young love and sexuality. Told in an open and touching way we follow the relationship of these senior students at a catholic college as they enter their last year. Hidden sexuality, hidden feelings and desire are all on show as the musical builds to its ultimate conclusion. Help is always out there but people have to listen and be willing to act on it as Jason and Peter contemplate life after college.

This show is packed with brilliant musical numbers and takes the audience on a roller coaster of emotions. There are lots of laugh out loud moments and more than enough tears to really get you. The actors paint this canvas.

VENUE: RSE Theatre (Venue 431) Wolfson Stage
DATES: 5th to 28th August
2.00 midday
SHOW DURATION: 2 hour 20 minutes
TICKET PRICES: £15 and £12 conc. (2 for 1 8th and 9th August)


Come and see one of the hottest tickets from Fringe 2019 as you enjoy a riotous night in the company of some of the rudest and funniest puppets ever. With puppets and actors sharing the stage it is a riot as Princeton a bright eyed college graduate tries to find an apartment that he can afford.

He meets lots of characters including Trekkie monster, Kate monster, Nicky and Rod the good and bad idea bears and quite a few more. You will soon be lost in the world that they create and live in. The cast have their hands full (quite literally) with the puppets as they make them come to life, in fact getting them to come out of character every night is damn near impossible!!! But sit back, grab a drink and have a good old laugh as you join the family of Avenue Q.

VENUE: Hill Street Theatre (Venue 41) Alba Stage
DATES: 5th – 28th August
TIME: 20:10
TICKET PRICES: £15 and £12


This is the story of Derek Douglas (Jim) as he was growing up in Central Scotland through the 1970’s. It’s a look back at when life was a lot simpler.

You left the house at 8.00am and came back when it got dark, no questions asked, no wondering where you got fed, just that you were out with your pals. A time when the most difficult question was “Am I getting a slow dance at the Friday Disco”? When everybody and nobody looked after you. A kick in the bum and a slap across the head was how we were disciplined. A time when the new year party lasted 3 days and you couldn’t see across the room for cigarette smoke and somehow you got 60 people into a 2 bedroom house. This was written as a labour of love about a family now sadly mostly all gone. It’s about the seemingly highest high and lowest low that a 70’s teenager went through.

We hope you enjoy it and laugh and cry along with the cast as we take you on Derek’s journey.

VENUE: Hill Street Theatre (Venue 41)
DATES: 5th – 28th August
TIME: 13.30
TICKET PRICES: £15 and £12